Anti-Bully Program

(For Ages 5 to 14)

We are excited to be teaching anti-bully program based off of Gracie Games of the legendary Gracie family. We teach your children using basic games which involve stories and scenarios where your child is able to “play” jiu-jitsu against the “actor,” who is responsible for helping the child develop all of the correct reactions and positioning common to a real-life situation.

Protect Your Child From Bullies

Our Anti-Bully Program begins with 10 “Jiu-Jitsu games” which build a base for each student to have a solid technical ability and know-how with which to construct their life-long journey of sports, martial arts, and physical activity.

Our Anti-Bully Program is an innovative and effective method of teaching martial arts. It is designed in a way which to allow kids to fall in love with Jiu-Jitsu through the use of imaginative games, stories, enthusiasm, and an energetic atmosphere.

The teacher is an actor and plays different roles, such as a robber, giant, etc. The kids “play” Jiu-Jitsu with the teacher in order to become accustomed to the movements and techniques without having to be overwhelmed by bigger, more aggressive kids right away. This is the perfect buffer class to help introduce children to the martial arts.

Positive affirmation is a key part of the curriculum, which includes a belt system of progression for each student based upon attendance, attitude, effort, consistency, improvement, and a positive attitude at home and at school.


What Your Child Will Learn:

• A positive attitude
• Unshakeable confidence
• Improved health
• Respect
• Manners
• Caring for friend and Family